Union Jack Damascene%20cock%20first%20day%20out_edited_thumb Union Jack Damascene%20cock%20first%20day%20out%20c_edited_th Damascene hen from Germany

John Ross U.K.

Damascenes are an ancient breed of fancy pigeon. They have been specially bred from  very early in Pigeon keeping history  ,maybe as long as 3000 years ago.   This bird unlike so many other breeds of pigeon has remained almost unchanged in look and colour and ancient pigeon lovers would immediately recognise them. Their colour is ice blue which although looks silvery white is infact a dark pigeon blue feather with a silver or ice wash over the top. The eyes are a strong bright, ruby red and they have a distinctive blueish eye cere which only shows to its best if the bird is kept in natural daylight or at least has regular access to such.

       If the look of this bird is not enough to attract the pigeon lover then other points in its favour will surely bring them round.  Damascenes are very good breeders and feeders and seem to tolerate their young for a longer period of time than some other breeds. From my experience they are great flyers when young although not that high in the sky.

         Sadly, the Damascene does not have a large following of showmen in the U.K. mainly being kept as I do for pleasure  but in Europe, especially Germany, they have large classes at their shows.

       I would recommend this breed to all pigeon lovers. I myself only keep a few pairs at a time but I feel they are well worthy of any attention this site may provide and  I hope you enjoy  some of the pictures of my birds.

DSCF1711 web Jan Koelman Damascene Holland

Specialst Damascene web site from Holland by Jan Koelman lots of good photos.

to visit his site click

Damascene young from 2013 DSCF0722 Damascen web site